Sometime before 25,000 BBY



Home World


Hair Color


Eye Color

Both bright red

Skin Color



Sith Pureblood



Able to withstand a vacuum for short periods of time (some say through the Force, others say differently, but Carl will not reveal the secret)


No Light/Dark Side

Being in a relationship can only hinder you

A solid defence is key

A Pre-Republic Sith Pureblood, he used a secret Force stasis technique to freeze himself and two slaves to live to a more technalogical time. He was found and worshiped as a legend for around twenty thousand years, when he was moved to a Harrower Dreadnought to use as a mobile shrine. He was paraded around Sith space until, while on an Outer Rim planet, it was attacked, then deserted and Carnauge was left, slumbering, forgotten, for another 3.9 thousand years. Around 137 BBY, a small archaeologist team found his dreadnought and his resting place within. The archaeologists then called the Jedi for help undoing his stasis. The team, which consisted of Aidan, another master and thier padawans, released Carnauge from his slumber. Aidan, however, was corrupted by an aincent Sith artifact found on board and in turn dueled and killed each of his companions

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